Fitbit Black Friday 2021 Deals: Are They Worth It? | Personal-finance

How to decide if it’s worth it

Black Friday isn’t the only time Fitbits go on sale. In the past, retailers have significantly cut prices around other shopping holidays, such as Amazon Prime Day. But with Black Friday deals generating some of the lowest prices of the year — and supply chain setbacks threatening inventory levels — buying now might be your best bet to get the Fitbit deal you want. Keep an eye on other smartwatches and trackers, too. You may find great sales on comparable brands.

If you’re considering a Kohl’s deal, note that the Kohl’s Cash isn’t redeemable until a later date. Still, the bonus reward could be the clincher if you’ll shop at Kohl’s again in the near future.

How to budget for a Fitbit

Before you buy, add up how much of your discretionary income or savings you’re willing to spend on holiday purchases this year. Track your spending and make sure the cost of a Fitbit won’t put you over the limit.

Fitbits can be expensive, but you don’t have to pay top dollar for one. Older models and those with more basic features come with smaller price tags. Remember to look for deals on whichever Fitbit you’re shopping for.

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