Fendi leads Milan trends with feminine silhouettes for men | Lifestyles

The jackets of the season have exaggerated shoulders, paired with leggings and worn with visor glasses and molded sneakers. A silver sequined suit was stage-worthy, with skinny eyeglass frames perched on the nose in a way more suggestive of sci-fi lasers than reading glasses. A bold graffiti-emblazoned streetwear ensemble was finished with a tall knit cap in blue that gave a Marge Simpson vibe.

While flash is part of the Dolce&Gabbana repertoire as much as its tailoring, what was more unexpected were the skirts for men. One tweed midi belted with a gold chain was worn with a ripped DG T-shirt and leather collar. A black kilt had a DG graffiti-scrawled sweater. A shimmering pink-to-gold minidress or long tunic, depending on your spin, was paired with matching leggings.

Nothing about this season’s skirt silhouette on Milan menswear runways is surprising for the designers at the London-based JordanLuca brand, which made its Milan debut.

“I think the spectrum of menswear is so broad now,’’ said Jordan Brown, who launched the label with Luca Marchetto four years ago. “We are so post, post, post, what is menswear and womenswear.”

Tailored kilts, some with tulle panels, are a season mainstay at JordanLuca.

“The thing about the kilt, is it is 4 or 5 meters (yards) of fabric. It is really technical, it is an engineered garment. Why wouldn’t a man wear it? The folding, the pleating, the stitching. It is quite tough to make,” Brown said backstage.

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