Farmers ‘very concerned’ over impending harvest worker shortage

NSW Farmers Association President James Jackson says they are “very concerned” about a labour shortage, with the cereal harvest coming up this week.

“We did a survey of our grain growing members and it’s something like 84 per cent of the people who are concerned they wouldn’t have enough labour to fill the slots,” Mr Jackson told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“Up here, especially in the north of the state (NSW), we’ve got thunderstorm this time of the year, it’s a summer, you know, rainfall climate; we’ve got a La Nina coming down on us.

“And so, the windows, if you like, for harvesting this bumper crop, it looks like it might have been one of the best crops ever but that’s theoretical until it’s in the bank.

“It’s looking like we’re going to actually have very narrow windows for harvesting it, so we need a lot of labour in a short period of time and that’s where we’re going to come to grief.”

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