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Spread Some Singing Cheer

What better way to spread your holiday joy than by joining a caroling group and spreading cheer? Many groups assemble this time of year to tour hospitals, nursing homes, and neighborhoods, singing traditional and contemporary seasonal tunes. You don’t have to be a great singer to join, either—the only requirement is that you have fun! Look for groups from local churches to join, or ask your friends if they know of a group or want to start one with you. You can get the lyrics to many popular carols from sites like this one.

Play Lumberjack for the Day

Putting up a freshly cut Christmas tree or fragrant garland around your home is one tradition that many families enjoy. Instead of heading to a lot with pre-cut trees, take to the hills and cut your own! Most local governments or forest service sites will publish guidelines for legally cutting trees, including the designated locations, size limits, and permit instructions. Make sure to pack all of the gear you’ll need, including rope, a saw, a first-aid kit, and winter clothing. Typically, a handsaw is substantial enough for most trees, but you’ll need a power saw or ax if you’d like something large. If you’re only looking for fresh garland, consider going with a group that would like a tree—you can clip the extra branches from the base to use as a garland or a wreath base. Pack warm cider in a thermos for the ride home!

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