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Twin births are inherently high risk.

“This is a bittersweet time for our team, but, given the very serious complications with the second infant, we are extremely happy that Menari and the surviving infant are together and doing well,” said Audubon’s senior veterinarian, Bob MacLean. “There are many risks associated with pregnancy, especially with first-time mothers, but our veterinary team and OBGYN specialists are very pleased with Menari’s recovery and her natural mothering instincts thus far.”

Orangutan Pregnant Twins New Orleans

This undated photo provided by the Audubon Zoo on Monday, Dec. 27, 2022 shows a male infant Sumatran orangutan born to Menari at the zoo in New Orleans on Friday, Christmas Eve. His twin was stillborn, officials at the Audubon Zoo said Monday.

The baby was bottle-fed overnight, while Menari recovered, McLean said in a statement emailed to The Associated Press by zoo spokeswoman Annie Matherne.

“Menari immediately took the infant back Christmas morning, when offered to her, and she successfully began nursing,” he said.

Mother and baby are behind the scenes to give them time to bond and to let keepers and veterinarians care for them, the zoo said. It said the baby was nursing very well.

Veterinarians don’t know what caused the death of the other baby, which was also full-term, McLean said. “The medical team on-hand did indicate that the placenta appeared abnormal. We will be sending tissues for histopathology to glean more information, but those results will be many weeks to come,” he said.

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