Encouraging TripsWithPets’ survey indicates 2022 will be a year that brings the return of ‘reluctant travelers’ | Pets

Encouraging TripsWithPets' survey indicates 2022 will be a year that brings the return of ‘reluctant travelers’ - image

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Traveling to see loved ones, weekend getaways, vacations – all came to a grinding halt as the pandemic swept through countries around the world. Airline reservations and hotel bookings spiraled to an all-time low. Travel plans that had already been made were canceled. Now, two years later, we see signs of recovery and hope for the future. The question is – are pet travelers ready to resume travel as we head into spring?

TripsWithPets surveyed a group of pet parents. They were asked if they feel completely safe and comfortable to resume traveling again with their pets. There were approximately 700 respondents and the results show much promise.

And the survey says…

With most Americans looking to get back to “normal”, 58% of poll takers are ready to begin traveling with their pets. A good number of them have already made travel plans and booked their hotels.  No matter if it’s visiting family,  day trips, or extended getaways, the majority of those surveyed are ready to take their next road trip with their furkids!

Seventeen percent of pet parents surveyed still aren’t quite ready to hit the road with their pets. The reason for their trepidation is potential future outbreaks and fear.

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