Delhi Scrappers Asked To Fix ‘Fair’ Price For Old Vehicles Being Impounded. Details Inside

New Delhi: Delhi government has authorised the scrappers empanelled by it to fix a “fair” market value for more than 15-year-old vehicles being impounded for scrapping. The move came after the department, earlier this month, ordered the scrapping of vehicles that are more than 15 years old by its enforcement branch.Also Read – Air Pollution: Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai to Hold Meet With Officials on Monday

The enforcement wing of the transport department and the Delhi Traffic Police impounded nearly 1,900 old vehicles between November 17 and the first week of December, the officials told PTI. Also Read – Delhi Pollution Update: Air Quality Improves Due to Favourable Wind Speed

In the detailed standard operating procedure (SOP) issued earlier this month, the transport department took cognisance of the increasing vehicular pollution and the poor air quality in Delhi and said there is an urgent need for a standing order regarding scrapping and phasing out of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) from the city roads. Also Read – Delhi Pollution: Govt Extends Bans on Truck Entry Till Further Orders

“The National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) direction for action against old vehicles will be applicable to all categories of vehicles, including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, light and heavy vehicles, irrespective of whether commercial or otherwise,” the order said. It added that the need of the hour is to maintain ambient air quality standards and tackle the rising air pollution caused by ELVs.

Key highlights of Delhi government’s order

  • It has been decided that vehicles that are more than 15 years old will be removed first if found plying on Delhi roads.
  • ELVS vehicles will be impounded by the enforcement teams and handed over to an authorised scrapper of the transport department in accordance with the policy guidelines.
  • The authorised scrapper will tow the impounded vehicle from the place of seizure to the scrapping unit. Scrapper will make his own arrangements for towing such vehicles.
  • The vehicles impounded will not be generally parked at any impounding pits of Transport department. They will be taken to the pit from where the scrapper will take it for scrapping.
  • The authorised scrappers will make the fair market value of the scrapped vehicles and will make payment directly to the owner of vehicle.
  • If a dispute arises while impounding such vehicles, the enforcement team will not get involved in a conflict and will contact the local police for help.

In its 2014 order, the NGT had said that all vehicles, diesel or petrol, which are more than 15 years old, shall not he permitted to ply on the roads and wherever such vehicles are noticed, the concerned authorities will take appropriate steps in accordance with law, including seizure of the vehicles as per the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act.

It further directed that such vehicles will not be allowed to be parked in any public area and will be towed away and challaned by the police in accordance with law.

(With inputs from PTI)

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