Crocodile encounters and sightings in Australia including in Queensland and Northern Territory

Photographer Chez Hughes had just popped out of the post office in Katherine, NT, when she spotted this big beast queued up at the traffic lights.

NT Parks and Wildlife told nine.com.au the 4.52-metre saltwater crocodile had been retrieved from a popular camping and swimming area – Flat Rock on the Fergusson River.

“The trap was only in this location for five days,” wildlife ranger Chris Heydon said.

“This is a serious reminder to always Be Crocwise. We are well into the dry season and people are making the most of the beautiful weather, however, you must always assume a large and potentially dangerous crocodile could be living in any body of water.”

People camping in crocodile territory are advised to stay at least 50 metres away from the water.

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