Covid live: former aide of Boris Johnson apologises for ‘anger and hurt’ caused by party | World news

I think when I first heard it, it actually took quite a long time for me to just get over the emotion that I felt. Because, I thought about Her Majesty the next day, and the way in which she was leading the country, and behaving in such a thoroughly decent way in which she always does, I think, in many ways embodying the suffering that we have had as a country. The way in which she behaves in such a proper way, in a way which makes us all so proud.

And you think of that, and you compare it with what was going on in Downing Street. Where there had been a culture that had been set over the time of the pandemic, where the prime minister made it perfectly clear that he was perfectly alright about this. You know, and frankly, we would not have been seeing these parties, not just one party but two parties in one night, if they really thought that the prime minister didn’t approve, or wouldn’t have been all right about it.

But the point is that the culture is set by the prime minister. It is his responsibility. And so far the only thing that you have heard from Number 10 Downing Street is that their defence was “Oh, the prime minister wasn’t there.” So what. So what.

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