Covid-19: Getting vaccinated is an act of love – and it will save lives

Olivia is blind after not being inoculated against measles as a child

olivia awhi

Olivia is blind after not being inoculated against measles as a child

OPINION: I couldn’t wait to get the Covid-19 vaccine and booked my first dose as soon as I became eligible.

I ardently support vaccinations of any kind if they have been approved for use.

This is because I live with the consequences of not having access to vaccinations as a child.

I contracted measles (an illness that’s highly preventable through vaccination) in a refugee camp when I was a toddler, which left me totally blind.

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My parents would have given everything they could to get us kids vaccinated rather than see us suffer.

I know my mum felt guilty till the day she died about my blindness even though it was clearly not her fault.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault, just the lottery of birth: I happened to be born in a country and at a time when a vaccination wasn’t available.

My life is great now but I would be dishonest if I didn’t admit that sometimes I’ve dreamed of what I might have done if measles hadn’t found me.

But I’m lucky.

I now live in a country where we get protection from serious illnesses like measles and Covid-19 and it’s completely free.

It’s a privilege that a huge part of the world doesn’t have.

Covid-19  can cause you serious damage.  .

Why risk that for yourself let alone risk it for your loved ones when there’s such an easy, safe and free medicine that can protect you?

My mum felt guilty about me going blind from measles even though she couldn’t do a thing about it. How much more guilty would I feel if I could do something about Covid-19 but chose not to and then one of my children under the age of 12 caught it from me?

I don’t want anyone’s death or disability on my conscience, let alone the death or disability of someone I love.

For me, getting my Covid-19 vaccinations is an honour and a privilege.

How many of us can say that we’ve been able to do something to save a life?

That’s what you’re doing when you get your Covid vaccinations.

You’re saving lives

It’s an act of love.

If you need more information, The Whole Truth is Stuff’s comprehensive resource to counter falsehoods and misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines.

And if this article has changed your mind about getting vaccinated, you can book your vaccination via the NZ Ministry of Health.

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