Celebrate National Hot Sauce Day with 10 Hot Sauces from ‘Hot Ones’ Season 16 | Lifestyles

As Evans and guests creep up the Scoville scale, it’s difficult not to cringe a little. At number three in the lineup, Hoff & Pepper Hoff’s Hot Sauce still isn’t that bad. But things are heating up. This sauce mixes jalapeno, habanero, and chipotle chiles with vinegar, clover honey, black mustard seed, dill, and other spices. Evans described it as “barbecue sauce with a little kick to it.”

Here’s another Hot Ones brand special. Holland immediately noticed that the Hot Ones Los Calientes Hot Sauce “has a green hue.” Dubbed “the sauce of the summer,” Los Calientes contains Apricots from California, apple cider from New York, agave nectar from Mexico, lemon juice from Florida with Green Serrano chiles, Applewood Smoked Green Serrano, Orange Habanero, and more.

As “Hot Ones” guests hit the middle of the road, the lineup is getting warmer. The Hot Heads Revolutionary Hot Sauce label charges, “Be fearless!” Key ingredients include fire-roasted bell pepper, tomato, olive oil, and pink Himalayan sea salt. Trinidad Scorpion peppers fan the spicy flame.

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