Boris Johson gives evidence to Commons liaison committee amid second jobs row – live

Latest updates: prime minister faces question from senior MPs after Keir Starmer calls him ‘a coward’ during PMQs

Soon after PMQs the standards debate will start. It is an opposition day debate, meaning that Labour chooses the subject for debate, and, as is allowed, it has tabled two motions.

The first relates to Randox Covid contracs. It is a humble address motion, meaning that if it is passed it is binding on the government, and it requires the government to publish all correspondence between Owen Paterson and Lord Bethell, then a health minister, relating to Covid contracts awarded to Randox, the company employing Paterson, as well as minutes of meetings. This will be put to a vote at 4pm.

There is dissatisfaction on the back benches and that is why the prime minister needs to make it very clear to members of parliament what he expects from us.

There was a backlash yesterday from Tory MPs with outside interests, who accused him of capitulation. One said: “It’s pouring petrol on to the flames. He’s caved to the left. Now if you have a consultancy it will be assumed you’re evil.”

Another MP said that Johnson announced the plans because he was concerned about being embarrassed during an appearance before the liaison committee of MPs this afternoon. “There’s a lot of unease. It’s the lurching, the U-turning, the lack of consultation.”

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