Beat the Coming Cold: Essentials to Keep You Warm this Winter | Lifestyles

Speaking of fashion, if you are looking for something that will both keep you warm and look good with an outfit, scarves are the way to go. Great for both men and women, scarves solve the problem that most jackets have, they keep your neck warm. If you don’t own a jacket or sweater that zips up all the way, a scarf is a simple and inexpensive solution as the weather gets colder. 

With winter coming and the ongoing mask mandate in certain regions, a unique solution can be incorporated into your cold weather gear this winter – a neck gaiter

If a scarf is not your style, a neck gaiter can be a great alternative. Keep your neck warm as you move around outside and have it double as a mask whenever you need it. Neck gaiters are great for the outdoors and great for staying warm this winter.  

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