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Ask Brad: The Top 30 Black Friday Deals of 2021

When we choose our top Black Friday deals, it’s not just about the discount. We’re thinking about who’s on your holiday shopping list, and what you’ve got your eye on for yourself. This year, our picks for the best online Black Friday deals of 2021 include home goods, apparel, toys, and more.  You may notice we’ve got fewer TVs, no gaming consoles, and are a little bit lighter on computers this year. With the chip shortages and supply chain issues, we haven’t seen the same deep discounts on these items that we’ve seen in prior years.

Also note that while some prices are live now, some will not be live until the official Black Friday sales start. We will do our best to stay on top of the sales and any price changes, but to the best of our knowledge, all Black Friday pricing is accurate at the time of this posting!

The 30 Best Online Black Friday Deals of 2021

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