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Ask Brad: Amazon’s Best 2021 Black Friday Deals

Here are our tips for the best ways to shop for deals during Amazon’s 2021 Black Friday sale, now and later:

Get an Amazon Prime Membership

Prime members get access to select Black Friday Lightning Deals before the general public. If you don’t want to pay the $119 for a year-long membership to get early access to Black Friday deals, you can just take advantage of a 30-day free trial Prime membership. So you can sign up today, use it for the month, and then cancel it after Black Friday is over.

Always Compare Prices With Competitors

Amazon will match competitor pricing on most of their Black Friday deals. So be sure to check at other stores to see if you can snag a lower price or have Amazon match it.

But also keep in mind, especially during Black Friday, that other retailers may be offering things like gift cards with purchase or Kohl’s Cash, which ends up being like free money on top of the low price.

Check Often and Rely on Brad’s Deals

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