Arthur Labinjo’ Hughes’ twisted killers should be executed, says Tory MP

ARTHUR Labinjo’ Hughes’ twisted killers should be executed, a Tory MP has said. 

Scott Benton wants to bring back the “ultimate punishment” for the sickest criminals like Emma Tustin and Thomas Hughes.

Scott Benton says Arthur's killers should be executed


Scott Benton says Arthur’s killers should be executedCredit: Wikipedia
Arthur's relatives have demanded the sentences be toughened


Arthur’s relatives have demanded the sentences be toughened

Relatives of the tragic six-year-old have demanded the vile pair’s 29 and 21-year jail terms be toughened to whole life tariffs so they’re never freed.

But the Blackpool South MP reckons “no prison sentence is long enough for these evil monsters”.

He said: “If it was down to me I’d bring back the death penalty for a small number of cases.

“I’m not afraid to say that and that’s a view favoured by the majority of British people.”

He called the sentences “ridiculously light” and said his inbox has been flooded with constituents expressing their “disgust” over poor Arthur’s murder. 

A snap YouGov poll found 52 per cent support the death penalty for the murder of a child, while 36 per cent are against. 

The death penalty was abolished in England in 1969 after the last person hanged five years earlier.

No mainstream political party is campaigning for the punishment to be reinstated.Attorney General Suelle Braverman is reviewing Tusin and Hughes’ prison sentences following fury.

Boris Johnson has vowed to introduce an “Arthur’s Law” so child killers will never be freed.

The Prime Minister told The Sun: “Anyone who plans then carries out the murder of a child should never be released from prison.

“So we’re toughening the law to make whole-life orders the starting point for such abhorrent crimes.”


Arthur’s tearful gran says his killers will ‘burn in hell’ and says tragic boy must’ve felt his own ‘impending doom’

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