Albanese ‘riding on the coattails’ of popular Labor premiers in latest Newspoll

Anthony Albanese is “riding on the coattails” of popular Labor premiers as he overtakes the Prime Minister when it comes to likeability and trustworthiness in the latest Newspoll, says 6PR broadcaster Oliver Peterson.

The Australian is reporting only 47 per cent of voters agree Scott Morrison is likeable and 42 per cent agree he is trustworthy.

Mr Albanese is now sitting at 50 per cent when it comes to likeability among voters and 44 per cent when it comes to trustworthiness.

“I think it also just hardens that fact that through the pandemic … the premiers are running the show, it’s not the Prime Minister,” Mr Peterson told Sky News host Jenna Clarke.

“When the Prime Minister joined me a few weeks ago now on my program he was really, really keen to point out the fact a vote in Western Australian is Scott Morrison versus Anthony Albanese, not Scott Morrison versus Mark McGowan.

“So I think Anthony Albanese is riding on the coattails of the success of those popular premiers.”

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