A fuller discussion of how the Florida job could affect USC

The coaching carousel continues to be unpredictable and interesting, which is the exact opposite of USC’s 2021 football season, a dreary and predictable exercise each week. The latest fresh plot point is the very real possibility that Dan Mullen will get fired at the University of Florida. It’s not a guarantee, but it definitely could happen after UF was blown out by a third-string quarterback and a not-very-good South Carolina team.

Florida opening up would give high-profile head coaching candidates another job to consider. Keep in mind that the Washington job could also come open very soon, adding even more drama to the coaching carousel.

There are so many interesting questions and so many fascinating scenarios to map out in the coaching carousel if the Florida job comes open. Producer @IanHest joined me to explore this wild and crazy world on the latest edition of the Trojans: Wired podcast. We know that we’re not talking directly about the USC job, but the reason we’re doing so is that an examination of other schools’ situations helps explain whether they are likely to pick off a candidate USC might be looking for.

Enjoy the show!

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