4 takeaways from close call against Samford

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If the Gators had lost this game, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that Mullen’s tenure as Florida’s coach would be formally ended in the next 48 hours. In spite of the win, I’m not sure that it should change anything about the decision facing athletic director Scott Stricklin and the university brass.

While the offense put forth a real effort on Saturday, there wasn’t much else for the program to be proud of. This game should have never been this close, and it certainly shouldn’t have been a shootout.

Mullen made the decision to fire Grantham and offensive line coach/running game coordinator John Hevesy in an attempt to turn things around and save his job. If the hope was that those decisions would spark a change in the team, I’m not sure where that leaves Mullen.

This season has been an abject disaster, and when you lose a team to this degree, you almost never get it back. This is an opinion, and I don’t have information that leads me to believe this, but it’s starting to look less and less likely Mullen returns to Gainesville in 2022.

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