21 Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling | Lifestyles

14. Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

Purses and wallets aren’t the only items that can be lost or stolen while traveling. Keep an eye on other valuables like jewelry and electronic devices.

Don’t allow luggage out of your sight. If you must, ask a uniformed employee to watch it for you. Bring it with you until you can secure it in a safe place at your destination.

Safety Tips at Your Destination

15. Keep Regular Contact with Family and Friends

Let trusted friends and family know where you are traveling and how long. Keep regular contact with these people to ensure your safety throughout your trip.

You might consider leaving your itinerary plans with a trusted person at home in case an emergency does arise.

16. Secure Valuables in Your Hotel Safe

Many hotels provide secure safes to keep important items or documents while traveling. Most hostels also feature lockers to store personal items, but you may need to bring your own lock.

Keep valuable and important items in the safe for extra security from theft, especially if you plan to be away from your hotel for a long period of time.

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