1471 new cases, four deaths in Victoria; Berejiklian back at ICAC hearing; First quarantine-free flights land in Australia; Scott Morrison accused of lying by French president; 135 new local cases, four deaths in NSW

Ms D’Ath said residents who are unvaccinated will no longer be able to work in a healthcare setting as new rules take effect today.

She said one in 10 Queensland Health workers were not vaccinated, but that some of those are on regular long service or maternity leave.

Ms D’Ath said there would be “some disruptions” however there had been plans put in place to stop the move impacting patients.

“We we will put in place any measures for workplace shortages that may occur,” Ms D’Ath said.

She said the new rules were to drive vaccination targets, adding that vaccination mandates had already been incredibly successful within the aged care sector.

“We expected this, I have every confidence that these numbers will continue to grow each day just as we saw when we mandated vaccinations with our aged care workers.”

“We now have 100 per cent of aged care workers in our public settings having their first dose and 96.3 per cent on their second dose so I’m very confident that we will end up with very high rates of vaccinations.”

“In our health services, the largest cohort are those in management and administration streams so our clinical side has taken up vaccination at a very high rate.

“This is about keeping our staff safe and our patients and our visitors safe.”

She said with COVID cases set to rise when the border opens on December 17, it was crucial that clinical staff were vaccinated and able to handle future outbreaks within the health system.

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