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Kitchen counters are another place where space is at a premium, and keeping frequently-used items handy makes prep and cooking easier. Stackable storage bins can stack vertically to hold veggies, fruit, snacks, bottles, and cans on the counter or a shelf. This Magnetic Storage Basket from Yamazaki Home can hold spices, oils, utensils, coffee, and so much more. It can even mount on the side of the refrigerator. Instead of cramming pots and pans into a cupboard and hoping the heap doesn’t crash down to grab what you need, try a pot and pan rack or an adjustable version. An adjustable wrap stand is a compact storage solution for foil, kitchen wrap, baggies, and more.

Reaching into the fridge to grab a yogurt and knocking down everything in front of it is never fun. Some handy food storage bins for the fridge and freezer will help prevent this problem. They will also keep foods and beverages organized and more accessible. Stackable sets will also work great in the pantry or countertop.

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