10 Fun Gifts for Your Pets This Holiday Season | Lifestyles

If you pamper your pets and give them random surprises all year long, you’re not alone. To help make the holiday season merrier and brighter, it’s also nice to pick out presents for the fur babies. Most puppies and kittens easily entertain themselves with a simple stick, ball, or an empty box. So, don’t stress yourself too much in choosing a gift that will set your pooch’s tail wagging or your kitty purring with delight. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for dogs, Christmas gifts for cats, or gifts for pet parents on your list, check out these ideas.

There’s nothing like interactive play to entertain your furry family member. Your pooch can stay busy for hours trying to work these three adorable gingerbread men out of their toy house. Just pile the ginger “dolls” inside and let the fun begin!

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